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Master list of fic: 
1st-Apr-2020 02:50 am


---- Reality Doesn't Deny Fantasy (Giselle being Giselle, and the world being better for it)


---- 24 Hour Flu Bug (the one where S.A.R.A.H. gets sick)


--- Like that Eels Song (the one where Hardison is a lone wolf, except not; additional snippets in comments)


---- the Halloween multichaptered thing

---- An Abridged Account of Star Tyrian's Life

---- Cracked (AKA: the one with accompanying art from potatoe1988, and also high fives.)

---- Perils of Make-up (the one where Z is sort of a perv, but not in a skeezy way.)

---- The one where Jaime is alive and still manages to make his way to Star, years later (AKA: the one so sweet it gave me seizures, written for potatoe as a Christmas present.)

---- Star Tyrian's School of Hard Knocks (The one with the gratuitous Kevin abuse.): one two three four five six seven epilogue 

---- The Various Assorted Birthdays of One Zan Skerry (AKA: the one where I am a mean, mean fic writer, but I make up for it with lipstick, in the end.)

---- Anatomies (the one where Milo is a voyeur) 

---- Drabbles: 
                       -> Kevin, Lexi, speculation, dialogue only (R)
                       -> Zan & his computers (R)
                       -> Star's soft spot (danger of sugar overdose)
                       -> Wizard time! (crack?)
                       -> Threesome! (R)
                       -> Star is a bastard, and this is why. (Star's humour shines through)
                       -> Get groped. (hahahahahahahahahahahaha, Star's a bastard, take two)
                       -> TMI. OH GOD TMI. (Emily gets the best of Lexi. XD)
                       -> Zan and Star argue about music, and everybody wins. Except for Kevin. 
                       -> Star, Edward, angst.
                       -> Emo(tional) Star (with Gina!)
                       -> Apologies (Angst! Poor Em.)
                       -> Star singing to Zan
                       -> Friends in high places (Jane, Star, humour)
                       -> Jaime to the rescue! (fluff?)
                       -> Zan and Kevin while they were dating (warning: Zan = bastard)


Psych --- up to date listing of Psych fanfic over here

---- Cop's Instinct: Part One and Part Two

---- How Not to Raise a Kid (AKA: Ways to Traumatize Your Son For Life): Field Trip

---- 20 x 20 Fanfic Table 

---- I'm Psychic, But No One Believes Me When I Say the Zombie Apocalypse is At Hand Part One and Part Two



---- Sam at Stanford Stories (AKA: Sex God Sam, Stripper!Sam): Normal as a Relative Thing, Sex Bomb

---- Dimples, Dresses, Braids (AKA: Sam was sekritly raised as a girl, that is why Dean jokes about it all the time)

---- Why Sam Shouldn't Be Allowed To Watch Movies Unless They Are Dean Approved

---- Breaks down (AKA: OMG, the angst!)

---- Wild Thing (AKA: Sam is a freak. For reals.): Part One

---- The Year of Living Quietly (AKA: the one where Sam doesn't talk all the time.)

---- Safety (AKA: wee!chester angst, where the first word Sam learns is 'safety'.)

---- Mis-Inherited -> my remix of definewisdom's Too Late; central characters: John and Sam. The 'fic in which history moves in circles.

---- abyssus abyssum invocat (the ubiquitous Dean-in-Hell fic; graphic depictions of violence)

---- The Why and the Why Not (wherein Sam doesn't cut himself; also, Sam, growing up)

Dick Francis' To the Hilt

---- Faces (the one with mad, mad Alexander)

Ian Rankin's Rebus Series

--- Sad Songs Sung In a Different Room (the one with the two Siobhans)

Tamora Pierce

---- Rooted Lightning (the one where Briar visits undercover scholar Tris)

Ouran High Host Club

Dissonance (the one where Haruhi is an extra twin)


---- Handprint Walls (what it says on the tin)

Friendly Hostility Fic

---- Contest Entry! With Zombies! and Hats! and Sex!

Star Trek Reboot Fic 

---- 6 times Jim doesn't talk about Tarsus IV and 2 times he has to (annnnnnngst, warnings of ptsd symptoms and depiction of starvation and abuse)

---- 5 times Chekov almost lost his virginity and 1 time he totally did (poor wirgin!Chekov)

---- filthy filthy porn I am vaguely ashamed to own up to, oh god (Bones/Kirk)


--- Random Acts of Life (the one where Jaye is not the second coming)

Warehouse 13

--- Inaudible (the one where Artie bakes a lot and Leena watches)

Original Fiction -- claimer on all works listed here: These works of fiction belong to slob child, and theft of the ideas/plots/characters portrayed would be seriously uncool. Don't be uncool. That is all.

---- Fairy Tale

---- Skin (modernized retelling of a fairytale)

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